Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let Me Count The Ways

Never dated a man who believed in Valentine's Day. Nope. Not once. The Writer was too urbane. The Reporter too righteous. The Engineer too cynical. "I'm not going to let Hallmark tell me how to feel...or fall victim to another attempt by big business to turn me into a mindless consumer." My X,...well, he didn't believe in holidays at all, except Flag Day. Maybe because he had trouble raising his.

Half way down this road, I can look back and say it's been pretty easy to fall in love. It's the landing that's bumpy -- the workday exhaustion, the bills to pay, the artful in-laws, the different dreams, the flashes of disappointment, the words spoken that can't be taken back. When lying in the rough, at the edge of happiness, it's the little things that sustain us, the daily valentines that allow us to wake up next to each other without regret. So simple, yet impossible.

How do I love thee, Ranger?

  1. I love that every time we get in the car, you kiss my hand as if we were launching into space or pioneering across a great divide, not just going to buy dog food.
  2. I love that you insisted on calling me your girlfriend long after I kept calling you "this guy I know."
  3. I love that you make me take my vitamins.
  4. I love that you're a nature boy and that you rented "The Pelican Brief" because you thought it was about pelicans.
  5. I love that you stepped up to my brother's coffin and said, "I'm sorry we never got to know each other, but I promise you I will always love her and take care of her and you'll never have to worry."
  6. I love that when I open my eyes, your first words are, "Good morning to you, Sugar Pie."
  7. I love that you're not afraid of your inner-girliness: foot cream, fruity beer, cashmere.
  8. I love watching you ice skate, work a chain saw and sleep.
  9. I love that you sing, off key -- in the shower, on the road, while sitting on the pot.
  10. I love that you've never been ironic.
For V-day, a picnic on a bluff, overlooking the ocean, at sunset. Freezing our asses off. Courtesy of a man who believes in Hallmark.


Kylita said...

A lovely way to spend "Happy Heart Day" ... and I am glad for you that the Ranger is not like any other before him ... a fresh start, Second Edition, to to speak, and I'm sure you, yourself, will never be the same as before. What a peaceful, beautiful photo of a man who is loved. Happy Valentine's Day -- and Hallmark has done wonderful things through the years. Thanks for your post on my blog, too, SisSTAR Sea Otter! klh

Flutephobia said...

Sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day. The Sicilian and I spent it over green chile stew, nursing a cold. Warm hearts, warm bellies.

Sourdough Starter said...