Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday Supper: Everybody Gumbo!

There comes a point during every successful dinner party when you suddenly become a Philistine; shellfish and bubbly are indeed the ticket to this dark side. After sucking down a couple dozen Kumamoto oysters drizzled with fresh-squeezed lime and dotted with Chalula and after toasting this Yaquina Bay bounty with a favorite Spanish cava, all protocol is set aside.

Aussie Girl licked her dessert plate. That's right, tongue full out, dish held high like a lollipop and Second Edition was caught on camera drinking the last of the oyster juice straight from the serving tray, throat like a cobra. The Ranger dug the shrimp shells out of the trash to soup up the clam broth and The Chef...well, he got tired of whipping and stuck the cream in the blender. Which really isn't a crime unless you're like...Thomas Keller. Note to self: the tool that mixes a fine Margarita doesn't do justice to whip cream.

The plan was to create a One Pot Meal, thus the Gumbo. But it took six pots to get to the one pot. Clams, shrimp, Kielbasa and plenty of spice produced a savory, heady brew that got sopped up with a nicely oiled French bread.

The Chef pulled off an impressive impromptu dessert of lacy crepes, folded and topped with a warm citrus glaze, whip cream and toasted almonds. Worth every lick. Especially while jammin' to the soulful licks of Eric Lindell who channels Van Morrison while sandwiched between a sax and harmonica. Tasty.


Flutephobia said...

In my humble opinion, dinner parties must be hedonistic- at least if they're with good friends. And the juice of the oysters is the very very best part- quite jealous of your maneuver. Looking forward to my own oyster summit in April.

Lisa The Pretty said...

You are the first person I have met that has a camera as part of the dinnerware. It's a great idea because really, it's so hard to remember what the meal looked like before you slurped it down.