Saturday, May 31, 2008

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

Can pork loin spark a love affair? If it's rubbed and gently seasoned then slowly turned over a rotisserie bar-b-q for a few smokey hours? Nestled next to polenta swirled with handfuls of asiago cheese, toasted pine nuts and sage? What if we head to the humid south, home of The Big Easy, for collard greens quietly stewed with bacon and shallots? Is it possible? Can love (or like) grow over dinner?

Now Second Edition doesn't consider herself a Yenta, far from it...but sometimes you just want to share the lovin', so you invite The Neighbor over and seat him next to a beautiful woman. Just to see what comes to a boil.

The Ranger and I have always seduced each other with food. When I first turned the car around and headed south from Seattle to Fish Town for a long weekend (smirk), he greeted me at the door with a tray of roasted crimini mushrooms stuffed with local crab and parmesean. Nice. Especially after a six-hour drive of Cheetos and Diet Coke.

Why is it women in love want that for everyone else?

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Flutephobia said...

Love your blog and would like to know more about you. Tag! I'd love you to join in.