Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Returning Home

Always I leave Hawaii with mixed feelings…happy to be returning home, but somehow feeling that this is home. If you look closely, between the trees, you can see my family’s house at the foot of the Ko`olau mountains. I've never slept better.

Returning to chillier waters and warm embrace. Sigh.


Kylita said...

Absolutely stunning photo and amazing to think this is where you've stayed (often?)What a beautiful place to spend this time with your family. The mountains are hauntingly beautiful. OK, I'll stop commenting now. When you see Ranger and Mia, you'll know why you are leaving Hawaii (you'll keep it in your heart)XO

ElinorArdee said...

I completely agree. Life goes on after a Hawaiian vacation but we always had to go back from the mainland. It is always with a heavy heart that we leave the Islands after a much needed vacation. We have plans of retiring there in Hawaii.