Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just Say Yes

Back in July of 2006, when I packed my hurt feelings in the trunk of my tiny car and drove away, it was hard to imagine I'd land in Small Town, USA. I'm not a small town girl after all. I always thought nature was a Four Seasons without a full-service spa. Yet, here I am. In the land of crab pots and fishing boats, paper mills and breweries. Wearing three sweaters. Rubbing my hands together for warmth.

I say this with a full heart. It's good to be home. Eating silky coconut milk soup with local shrimp, mushrooms, carrots, ginger, Thai chilies, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal root. Mostly, I just like saying "ga-lan-gal." Sounds a little in "oooh, I just want to squeeze your galangal."

It's good to be home. Hunting for agates inside a sea cave at minus tide then staying long enough to watch the sun settle its fat hips into the ocean and snuggle down.

On that warm September afternoon, when a Ranger sat down on the bar stool next to me and said, "hey, let me show you a lighthouse," I could have said, "No thanks. I'm just passing through." Because the world (and our Mamas) teach us to say no. For our safety. To avoid peril. Because it's the right thing to do. Because risk is just too risky.

Yet for reasons that still escape me, I said Yes. Maybe I was bored. Maybe the boy with the badge was just too cute for words. Maybe the beer gave me courage. Or maybe I was humming, "freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

I should work this afternoon. Or I could join my neighbor on a hike to Lost Creek. Yes.


Flutephobia said...

The Fish List looks delicious. Give me more details!

Kylita said..., god, rocks! and Fehu on your agate!!! Sigh...

Lisa The Pretty said...

Your description of the sunset is better than a Kingsolver sentence. Well done.