Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Turning Towards Home: Sleeping in Seattle

After a week in Steeltown, Second Edition needed an urban fix and family time with friends from "back in the day." We're talking college. Reagan. Iran Contra. When Second Edition was a crisp, unwrinkled First Edition.

In the land of Microsoft, Starbucks and REI, there's much to love that has nothing to do with coffee beans, software or Gortex. Here are the stops we never miss:

  1. Queen Anne Bookstore -- where nerds go to roam. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you!
  2. Macrina Bakery -- Whisper Cake and a pot of tea on a rainy day. But lose the attitude people. You're selling pastries for Godsake, not nuclear secrets.
  3. Malena's Taco Shop -- suits and mud boots gather for the best carne asada tacos this side of Albuquerque.
  4. Discovery Park -- discover your inner park ranger...and please, keep the pup on a leash.
  5. Seattle Yoga Arts -- home of the twist and shout.
  6. The Wax Bar -- A spa that serves beer! Finally, we can get our glow on before the 'stache comes off.
  7. The Tractor Tavern-- kick up your boots to live "Alternative Country" while drinking local brews and munching on TV dinners.
  8. Serious Pie. Sorry Newark, NJ...this pizza might just be better. Although we do miss risking our lives for a slice.
  9. Lululemon -- despite the skinny yoga girls who work there, we like this Canuck version of style and stretch. Very forgiving.
  10. The Seattle City Council -- democracy inaction.
Ah, yes, that much closer to home. Head south, west and towards the ocean.

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Mich said...

Hey dahlin'....you left out the best part. Me!!! My favorite part of the week besides seeing you...hanging at the Tractor with my son who's old enough to buy the beer. And, spewing red wine when you brought up (over a nice, grown up dinner out) the secret that even my husband didn't even know. Bad girl. No treats for you.