Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things We Love In Steel Town

  1. Mama Ranger and Papa Ranger -- they left a fuzzy pink bathrobe on a hook and organic bananas and almonds on the kitchen table. Ahhhh.
  2. Memorial Arena, where Slapshot was filmed. We love Paul Newman's fur jacket.
  3. Chicken wings and bottles of Yuengling.
  4. Johnstown Brewing Company
  5. A Catholic Church on every for the Croatians, the Slovakians, the Russians, the Poles, etc.
  6. The flood of 1889 happened just yesterday and folks are still pissed.
  7. Snow and snow balls.
  8. Walking the old neighborhood with the family dog.
  9. Making out in the TV room surrounded by the Ranger's high school football trophies.
  10. The dramatic "Handing Over" of the Ranger's hockey jersey. Folks, I think this is a proposal.

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