Friday, February 29, 2008

Six Word Life Story

When asked to write a short-story in six words or less, Ernest Hemingway replied, "For sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn.

Smith, an online magazine, gathered six word life stories from famous and not so famous writers in their collection, "Not Quite What I Was Planning." A few of my favorites include:

After Harvard, had baby with crackhead.
- Robin Templeton

70 years, few tears, hairy ears.
- Bill Querengesser

Watching quietly from every door frame.
- Nicole Resseguie

She said she was negative. Damn.
- Ryan McRae

Born in the desert, still thirsty.
- Georgene Nunn

A sake mom, not soccer mom.
- Shawna Hausman

I asked. They answered. I wrote.
- Sebastian Junger

No future, no past. Not lost.
- Matt Brensilver

Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity.
- Sabra Jennings

Joined Army. Came out. Got booted.
- Johan Baumeister

Almost a victim of my family
- Chuck Sangster

The psychic said I'd be richer.
- Elizabeth Bernstein

Grumpy old soundman needs love, too.
- Lennie Rosengard

Mom died, Dad screwed us over.
- Lesley Kysely

Painful nerd kid, happy nerd adult.
- Linda Williamson

So, of course, I had to write a few of my own:

Lept before looking, parachute for sale.
Found under rock, can write good.
Ask my shrink, she knows better.
If only I'd eaten my peas.
Turned over new leaf, drink more.

Try your hand...would love to hear them.


Kylita said...

"No, they didn't want a boy."

Kylita said...

"Let her sing at the table."
"She sounded like a baby crow."
"Marriage: Three strikes and you're out."
(OK, that's it for now ... that was fun!)

Kylita said...

Forgive me, Sea Otter, I just have to send you this one:
"Laughed insanely, cried buckets, fuck it!" ;o)
(I gotta go buy the book now.)

jmax said...

cook always...know technique, think flavor.
why is my hair so curly?
I want a siesta lifestyle to.
would you stop looking at me!
No, not all zins are white.

See you sunday.

Anonymous said...

"some things you can never have."

Anonymous said...

everything is better with bacon, everything.

Erin said...

Three children: grateful but tapped out.

Flutephobia said...

So much drama at work. Enough!
Daphnis. Flu. No air. So fucked.

oxford comma said...

When will my ass stop itching?