Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday Supper: Chile Rellenos...Sort of

We had the best intentions, we really did. Chile rellenos stuffed with ground lamb, olives and raisins, topped with tomatillo salsa and fried bananas. But then The Chef started pouring the Spanish wines. And the Ranger introduced Aussie Girl to a cold IPA...or two or three. The dogs sprawled across the kitchen floor praying for dropped bits as we grilled the onions, tomatillos, serrano chiles and garlic. Possibly the best smell in the world. Next to bacon.

As we toasted and laughed and told stories, the New Mexico chiles never really got stuffed, more like thrown in a casserole dish with the stuffing on top, some ferreted Fontina and a touch of cream. A kind of Mexican Lasagna. Not bad except we forgot to put the salsa on top so not a lot of heat. And kinda dry. And strangely mutton-like. More wine, please. The bananas, sprinkled with a brick-red Vietnamese cinnamon and fried in butter...well those were the bomb.

The winning dish, however, was The Chef's salad. Advocados tossed with yogurt and a secret blend of Indian spices that if I told you, I'd have to kill you. A bit of lemon juice, some grape tomatoes, cilantro and SHAZAAM. I wish I had a picture of that pretty, yellow salad but by that point I was dancing around the kitchen, snapping a dish towel and shouting, "Me...perfect word talker. You, Tonto."

For dessert, peanut butter smeared on Nestle's crunch bars, leftover from Halloween. Some moments of shame are lower than others. More wine.

Some dinners are memorable because of the fabulous food, the ambiance, the imported wine, the gracious table setting. And others come together because every one around the table is the perfect ingredient.


Anonymous said...

I am a witness and partook of the sacramental wine and food.

Signed: "Anonymous but not unknown by them."
"Dog lover and loved by dogs"
"Squat Guat who loves Mexico"

Mich said...

So, who's the Chef in Newport? And, why oh, why, can't you create such chaos and lovely food in Seattle. The Ranger stole you from us. We want you back. Do you remember when we made shortbread cookies and when they were warm we put Nutella on them? Oh gawd. That was a decade ago and I can still smell it. Food. Men. Wine. Not necessarily in that order. But, all fine. And, some better with age.

Second Edition said...

I do remember those shortbread cookies and Nutella. Yum! We'll have to do those next time I'm in Seattle...and I promise a delicious, chaotic, smoke-filled dinner. Like no other.

As for The Chef...well, you'll just have to come to the Coast to experience his "expertise."