Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some Like It Hot...with mustard

There's been a lot of sex talk around the tree house lately. And not just because we're checking Peplove every half hour to see who's "on call." Maybe because it's spring. Or maybe because Mia busted in on me and the Ranger unexpectedly and her poor, doggy eyes nearly popped out of her undersized head, "Holy Crap, that's where puppies come from." She's been twitching in her sleep ever since.

After that last post, Seattle and I were chatting about the extremes some folks go to just to get off which of course, led to a discussion about what makes us Hot. "Hey, after 25 years of marriage, a nicely cooked pork chop and a good bottle of red does it for me," she said. Fair enough. So, it's a throw down. What makes you Hot?

Here's mine:
  1. A man who can call in a chopper. We were walking the beach on a sunny Sunday when several of us spotted what looked like a floater, a body in the surf. The Ranger pulled out his cell phone and within minutes, an orange Coast Guard helicopter flew low and hovered to check it out. Fortunately, it was just a loose buoy.
  2. When the Ranger says, "Honey, I know you're always writing something in your head which means this (and here he gestures wildly, taking in our whole...well, life) is all just material to you, so you're probably a little bit crazy, but I love you anyway." Probably?
  3. Beach fires built from drift wood. A camp supper served on a Frisbee. An ax in the trunk. No way to change a tire, but yes, there's an ax.
  4. A canoe on a lake in the middle of a steamy summer day with one Ranger paddling in front and another in back, both with their shirts off while I sit on a cooler of cold beer, a basket of food at my feet. I wanted to shout, "Jesus Lord, I'm middle-aged, still wearing a bikini, sitting between two hot young guys and somewhere here there's a bong." But what I really shouted was, "God, I love being divorced." Despite the bee stings, concussion and near drowning, it was a great day.
  5. Watching the Ranger toss pizza dough. It's a marvel. Flying up in the air and landing handsomely in his big, rough hands.
I'd love to write more...the list goes on and on, but dinner is served, pepperoni pizza with roasted shallots and a salad of arugula, watercress and parsley tossed with shaved Parm and a lemon vinagrette.

Your turn.


plasma deva said...

a man with salt & peppered hair, laugh lines that only come in middle age, oil massage, the hands of a "working man", the scent of the man i love, soft words whispered in my ear during lovemaking, snuggling, remembering my birthday, opening the door with a smile, a man who pays for my drinks and realizes i am letting him.......

Kylita said...

Hey Sea Otter! On your nightstand, is that Corn Dog there to go with the Porn Dog? ;o)
(clicked on peplove ...)
tee hee

Mich said...

Thank you for making me sound more clever than I really am!