Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Beginning of an Era

This morning over oatmeal:

Ranger: Hey Hon, can you drop off my ballot today when you drop off yours?
Me: You voted? You gotta be kidding.
Ranger: I did as a matter of fact.
Me: But you never vote. In fact, you're always so proud of not voting.
Ranger: I was bored.
Me: You voted because you were bored? Usually when you're bored, you just go into the bedroom by yourself and...
Ranger: Just drop it off, will you. Jesus Lord, woman, a simple request.
Me: Wow!
Ranger: Wow what? What's the big deal?
Me: I'm just...I'm just stunned. I mean...we're in the worst financial crisis since the Depression and embroiled in a war that rivals Vietnam. Yet, you voted because you were BORED!
Ranger: I thought you'd be happy! Why all the shit?
Me: Was it the mushrooms, Honey? The ones we ate last night?

Oregon Chanterelle compared to Common Cheez-It

You see, dear reader, the Ranger, while marching through his quotidian rounds in the forest, stumbled upon a hillside covered with Chanterelles. Huge ones. After emailing photos to our Scientist friends for confirmation (would hate to die the night before the election...I always need to know how the story ends), we ate 'em up. Not all ten pounds, but a good chunk. Considered several fancy-schmancy recipes before caving for the tried and true. Sauteed with butter and garlic. That's it.

Amazing. Intoxicating. Transformative. Especially with a 2006 Chateau de Trinquevedel Rose.

Ahhhh, the wilderness.


Erin said...

Holy crap. Are you sure those are really chanterelles? Looks like something out of Day of the Triffids to me.

Kylita said...

Bravo, Ranger! I'm so proud of you! Mushroom magic. I just heard PA and NM both went to Obama! Yes! Those young men and their passion, eh, Sea Otter Mamacita?
I am so proud of you both!!
Thank you from the bottom of my Old Hippie Heart XOXOXO!
(p.s. I was in my mid to late 30s before I ever voted and I was about to give it up again, but I just got that ol' urge to merge!)
Kyle xoxo