Saturday, November 1, 2008

Campaign 2008 Endorsements

With only a few days remaining till the election, it seems like a good time to take a stand, to pump my fist in the air and give you my bumper sticker support of the issues. Oddly, 6.4% of American voters are still undecided on who they want to run this country, 67% of those are which I can only say WAKE THE FUCK UP! So here's what I'm endorsing:

  • Sex in the morning (like voting...early and often)
  • French and Italian wines (yet another reason why the Old World is making more and more sense compared to the New World)
  • Hugging total strangers (a good way to check for concealed weapons)
  • Extra-crispy chicken wings with hot sauce (don't let those vegetarian, Marxists have their way. Eat meat, People! Eat meat!)
  • New Mexico. (Si se puede. Or at least that's what we used to say. You decide, Red or Blue.)
  • A pillow-top mattress. (not only good for sleeping, but for stashing cash when the financial system fails)
  • Hockey. (moms, dads...everyone is welcome. But you best take your glasses off and prepare to get your ass kicked.)
  • The Power of Storytelling. (where would we be, as a democracy, without it?)
  • The Great State of Pennsylvania. (Home of the Ranger, the pirogi and 2,348 ways to eat cabbage. No wonder it's a battleground.)
  • Committing to a younger man. (Forget what the naysayers mumble about youth and inexperience. When the chips are down, passion, fearlessness and idealism...get my vote.)
What do you endorse?


Mich said...

-afternoon nookie
-walla walla cab franc
-hugging little babies
-turkey, not chicken--never chicken
-warm places with warm water
-Englander mattress
-The power of storytelling. I've got to give you that one.
-The golden state of California, where every one is at least a little Latina (don't let my blond hair fool you)
-Committing to you hubby for 25 years and counting.

Erin said...

-Sleep (uninterrupted)(I'm beginning to think it's a myth)
-Caffeine (I know: conflict with #1 above...but a 3-shot cafe con leche is sometimes the only way to function)
-Moisturizer with sunscreen (because I'm tired of my kids commenting about the "ginormous" freckles on my face)
-Friendship - As most of my friends move away or live away from Albuquerque, I am greatful for the gift of cyberspace as well.
-Laughing hard at least once a day (better than crying and also a stress-reliever)

Mich said...

Erin, someday your kids will be grown and you'll be hitting the early bird special so you can get to bed at 9, and nap mid-afternoon. Sleep is a luxury I am enjoying in my empty nester phase. Almost makes up for the wrinkles and pot belly.